Reflecting on the success of our recent webinar in the Hubs4Circularity Community of Practice series, “Investment in Large Industrial Urban Symbiosis Infrastructures,” it’s clear that collaborative innovation is key to driving sustainable change.

In this session, Per Møller shared insights from the Kalundborg Symbiosis case study and underscored the critical role of effective facilitation in establishing such collaborative ventures and how it catalyses symbiotic collaborations and fosters long-term success. He also emphasized the vital role of the symbiotic business model, showcasing the power of public-private partnerships in advancing sustainable development. 

 The vibrant exchange following the session underscored the value of community engagement. 

You can download the slides from the webinar from this page.

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To connect with Kalundborg Symbiosis, please refer to their account on LinkedIn and website for more insights – thank you!