ISL is the world’s leading expert on industrial symbiosis, recognised by the UN, G7, EU, Global Green Growth Forum and the OECD through its award-winning flagship programme and international brand NISP®. The European Commission cites industrial symbiosis as an innovative means to achieve resource efficiency: calling for Europe-wide implementation of industrial symbiosis as part of its ‘roadmap to a resource efficient Europe’, the high-level ‘European Resource Efficiency Platform’ (EREP) and the 2020 circular economy action plan.
SL provides through consultancy expertise and facilitation (to private companies and public sector alike) including capacity building and training to enable others to implement industrial symbiosis projects at local, regional or national level. It has worked in 40 countries (as of March 2021) on six continents. ISL also offers a state-of-the-art software (technological tools such as SYNERGie®) to support resource efficiency at all levels (site, company, supply chain, local/national network).