Since June 2022, the Hubs4Circularity Community of Practice has been organizing and moderating several expert discussions to assess the status quo and to identify barriers to further progress in Industrial Symbiosis, Industrial-Urban Symbiosis, and Circular Economy.

The discussions spanned the following topic areas:

  • Industrial Symbiosis within in the steel, metals, and mineral industries (led by ZEDO e.V.)
  • Industrial-Urban Symbiosis regarding wastewater treatment and reuse (led by CIRCE)
  • Plastic recycling (Circular Economy) (led by VITO)
  • Education for Industrial Symbiosis, Industrial-Urban Symbiosis and Circular Economy (led by EIT-Raw Materials)
  • Facilitation of Hubs for Circularity (led by TNO and PNO)

These first roundtable discussions provided insights into the challenges and bottlenecks across technical, regulatory, and economic dimensions facing the transition towards Industrial(-Urban) Symbiosis and Circular Economy.

The insights and findings from the dialogues are comprehensively presented in the report “Outcomes of the Discussions in the First Round of Expert Groups” on the H4C Knowledge Platform.