In order to support the users seeking to promote collaborations in industrial symbiosis or between urban and industrial settings, the H4C Europe project has created a straightforward and user-friendly tool called Self-Assessment and Planning Tool (SA&PT). The tool is intended to be used by facilitators in various cases, such as Industrial Symbiosis/Industrial-Urban Symbiosis sites, Hubs4Circularity, or in regional urban management.

The SA&PT serves as a guiding instrument to advise on areas to promote in the future. However, the tool does not provide users with specific and concrete solutions. Instead, it is designed to stimulate and support users in finding their own pathway forward. It does not rank the performance of the studied case, as it is not rooted in a baseline and therefore is not used as a benchmark.

Overall, the tool is applicable to any industrial and industrial-urban environment with a minimum integrated management level, implying a certain collaborative framework.

Furthermore, the structure of the tool aims to encompass a broad scope, assessing all possible cases, valuable streams, management structures, or legal frameworks through a holistic and integrated use of indicators, not limiting its application to specific and pre-selected cases. In the hands of users, the tool’s result is to pair and advise them to think and self-design the specific next steps in their case.

The report “Results of the self-assessment of Hubs4Circularity and action points to foster future progress” is now available here for download on the Knowledge Platform.