The Knowledge Platform has introduced a dynamic “Discussion Forum,” providing experts with a space to exchange insights. Aligned with A.SPIRE Vision 2050, the platform places Hubs4Circularity (H4C) at the forefront, aligning with the European Green Deal. This initiative seeks to drive industrial symbiosis and circular economy practices, crucial for achieving climate neutrality targets by 2050.

How to Join:

  1. Log in to the Knowledge Platform.
  2. Locate the “Discussion Forum” on the left sidebar or click here: Discussion Forum Link
  3. Contribute to the ongoing conversation by sharing your expertise.

The inaugural discussion, titled “Bridging the Chasm: High-Tech Industrial Symbiosis Projects and the Support Gap,” calls upon the H4C Community of Practice to contribute ideas that can reshape the funding landscape for impactful industrial symbiosis initiatives.

Experts can participate by logging into the Knowledge Platform, locating the “Discussion Forum” on the left sidebar, and actively engaging in the ongoing conversation. Insights gathered will be instrumental in shaping a collaborative whitepaper with A.SPIRE, providing valuable recommendations to the European Commission.