We’re delighted to look back on the successful workshop of the expert group “Water” of the H4C Community of Practice that took place on 7th June 2023! The event brought together experts and enthusiasts in the field of industrial symbiosis / industrial-urban symbiosis focused on “water” for a day filled with insightful discussions and innovative ideas. During the meeting, we provided a platform for the presentation of different demo cases, showcasing the remarkable advancements and expectations in this specific domain.

The speakers shared their expertise on how ‘Hubs for Circularity’ could help develop collaborative solutions in the field of water within the industrial and urban environments, through:

  • fostering the development of new business models; for example, through the recovery of nutrients and industrial effluents,
  • producing energy carriers (biogas) to be used in other industries,
  • reusing wastewater in processes which as a result, will reduce the freshwater consumption.